The CFATF Procedures for the 4th Round of AML/CFT Mutual Evaluations were updated on 14 March 2018.  The amendments ensure that the quality and consistency (Q&C) process required under the Universal Procedures is applied to all CFATF Members for Follow-Up Reports (FURs) where Technical Compliance (TC) re-ratings are being sought as part of the mutual evaluation follow-up process.

Visit of the CFATF Chair to the CFATF Secretariat Office

Visit of the CFATF Chair to the CFATF Secretariat Office

The Honourable Basil Williams, SC, MP Chairman-in-office of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) and Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs of Guyana visited the office of the CFATF Secretariat located in Port of Spain Trinidad on 13 March 2018 where he met with the Executive Director, Ms. Dawne Spicer, Deputy Executive Director, Carlos Acosta and staff of the Secretariat. Chairman Williams expressed his pleasure at being able to incorporate the visit to the Secretariat following his representation in a matter on behalf of the State of Guyana at the Caribbean Court of Justice.


The Chairman of the Caribbean Financial Task Force (CFATF), Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs of Guyana, Honourable Basil Williams, S.C., M.P. led the CFATF delegation at the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Plenary Meeting and Working Groups, held at OECD Headquarters in Paris, France, from February 18-23, 2018. CFATF participants included the CFATF Secretariat, Bermuda, Haiti, Jamaica, Venezuela, and Aruba and Curacao (under the Kingdom of the Netherlands).

Updated CFATF Procedures for the Fourth Round of AML/CFT Mutual Evaluations

The “CFATF Procedures for the Fourth Round of AML/CFT Mutual Evaluations” (CFATF Procedures) which were drafted based on the Universal Procedures for FATF/FSRBs (Universal Procedures), were approved by the CFATF May 2014 Plenary. Since the approval of the CFATF Procedures, there have been several amendments to ensure and reflect consistency with the Universal Procedures.

The purpose of this document is to provide clarity and an overview of the CFATF Procedures which also includes important documents generated and/or utilized by the Secretariat throughout the process and does not supersede the details of the CFATF Procedures approved by Plenary and the FATF ICRG Procedures for the 4th Round of Mutual Evaluations.

Appointment of Executive Director - Ms. Dawne Spicer

Based on the decision taken by the Council of Minsters as it relates to the post of Executive Director, the Secretariat would like to take this opportunity to announce the appointment of Ms. Dawne Spicer as the Executive Director effective February 1st 2018.

Ms. Dawne Spicer is a national of Trinidad and Tobago and an Attorney at Law by profession, with twenty-six years of experience in the area of AML/CFT. Ms. Spicer holds a Bachelor of Business Degree in Accounting (Honours), a Juris Doctor (JD) degree and a Legal Education Certificate (LEC) from Howard University School of Business, Howard University School of Law and the Hugh Wooding Law School respectively. Ms. Spicer has been admitted to both the Pennsylvania Bar and the Bar of Trinidad and Tobago.