Jefferson Clarke, Law Enforcement Advisor at the CFATF SecretariatThe Caribbean Criminal Assets Recovery Programme (CCARP) are organising a conference for Lead Financial Investigators and Prosecutors, which is to be held in the Fort Young Hotel in Dominica during April 9-10 2014.

The main themes of the conference are money laundering prosecutions and the preparation of a ‘Prosecutor’s Statement’ for confiscation. Participants will come from twenty jurisdictions, with eighteen CFATF Members invited to attend along with attendees   from Martinique and United States of America.

Jefferson Clarke, Law Enforcement Advisor at the CFATF Secretariat has been invited to attend this conference to make a presentation on the CFATF Training and Accreditation Programme which is intended to deliver five training modules for the benefit of two hundred and seven (207) Financial Investigators, Financial Analysts and Supervisors at Regional Financial Intelligence Units.  

The aim of this three year project which is funded by the European Union is to ensure that participation by these officials, all of whom will be working in country and regionally, will facilitate the improved quality in the filing of suspicious transaction reports, improved quality of financial intelligence and information through effective analysis and data matching, encourage the use of financial investigative tools, and enhance exchange of financial information and intelligence and cooperation as standard activity in the investigation of serious crimes.

CCARP is based in Barbados and has a mandate to build effective financial investigation capacity in financial intelligence units in select Caribbean jurisdictions.

The ultimate goal of the CCARP and the CFATF initiatives is to deprive criminal gangs of their illegally obtained wealth.