Suriname: Public Statement

Jurisdiction with strategic AML/CFT deficiencies that has made significant progress in addressing such deficiencies.

The CFATF acknowledges the significant progress made by Suriname in improving its AML/CFT regime and notes that Suriname has established the legal and regulatory framework to meet its commitments in its agreed Action Plan regarding the strategic deficiencies that the CFATF had identified. Suriname and the CFATF should continue to work together to ensure that Suriname’s reform process is completed, by addressing its remaining deficiencies and continue implementing its Action Plan.

MER of Suriname

Prime Contact of Suriname

Advocaat General
Ministeri van Justice en Politie Parket van de Procureur General
H. Arronstraat, Paramaribo
011 597 41 00 07,  011 597 41 21 04